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As a Kitchen Catering Worker, you will play a crucial role in the preparation, presentation, and delivery of high-quality food for various retreats, events and functions. You will work closely with the kitchen team to ensure the timely and efficient execution of catering duties while maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality. At JOY we striving for excellence in the preparation and presentation of appealing, well-balanced and nutritious meals for groups of 10 – 250 people.

Food is to be served on schedule and at its peak. Specialized dietary needs and therapeutic diets are to be prepared and served, providing guests with equitable quality alternatives and substitutes that meet their physical and psychological needs. The ideal candidate should be self-motivated, exceptionally organized, and able to learn and develop skills. The catering team must help provide a distraction-free environment for guests, leading to a fruitful and carefree guest experience.


● Assist in food preparation, including baking, chopping vegetables, preparing meats, and assembling dishes according to recipes and guidelines.

● Maintain cleanliness and organization of the kitchen area, including washing dishes, sanitizing surfaces, and disposing of waste.

● Follow proper food handling procedures to ensure food safety and prevent contamination.

● Assist with loading and unloading catering equipment and supplies.

● Set up and decorate serving stations and buffet tables according to specifications.

● Serve food and beverages to guests in a professional and courteous manner.

● Monitor food levels and replenish as needed.

● Assist with packing up leftover food and equipment.

● Collaborate with the kitchen team to develop new menu items and improve existing recipes.

● Maintain a positive attitude and work effectively as part of a team to ensure the success of each catering event.

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Please note a cover letter, resume and statement of faith perspective is required in order to apply for position.

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