Campground Maintenance (Full-time/Seasonal)

Company Details

Date Posted: April 2, 2024

Employer: Bancroft Resort

Position: Full-Time Campground Maintenance (Seasonal)

Wage: $18.00 per hour

As a real estate investment firm, we have a collection of outdoor parks situated in the most incredible eco-rich landscapes across Southern Ontario. Offering a variety of ways to stay, from seasonal cottaging and traditional camping to modern tiny homes and luxury “glamping”, we provide the perfect escape for those seeking a greater connection to nature and help create memories that will last a lifetime.

Job Description:

We are excited to be hiring seasonal Full-time Campground Maintenance for our beautiful RV park & campground. The ideal candidate is a hard-working, reliable, and focused individual who’s organized and detail-oriented with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

The main responsibilities will be daily upkeep and cleanliness of property grounds, facilities, roads, and equipment and other duties related to property maintenance.

If you are looking for a unique, challenging and rewarding position in a beautiful setting and a chance to learn and grow then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Overview of Duties

· Grass cutting, weed trimming, landscaping maintenance, ensure the resort lawn is trimmed, fallen branch removal, leave pick up in fall

· Proficient with equipment / tools

· Small handyman work when necessary

· Meet with vendors, etc.

· Assist in placement of RV park models

· Assist in site upgrades

· Upkeep necessary water certificates (if required, to be reimbursed by employer)

· Ensure water system is running smoothly & report any issues to manager

· Ensure septic system is running smoothly & report any issues to manager

· Litter pick up and general upkeep/cleaning of common areas and grounds, including showers/laundry/bathrooms

· Promote an environment that is safe, enjoyable and customer friendly

· Adhere to all safety requirements

· Assist in preparing sites for occupancy


· 8 hour shift

· Day shifts & weekends as needed

Submit resumes to or call 249-993-0046 Employment Consultant Info: Rebecca Malloy 613-332-1743 ext 4234