Senior Mobile / Cloud Developer

Company Details

A fast-growing mobile application development company


You must be a senior developer able to demonstrate experience in creating high-quality mobile applications from start to finish with examples of your work in the App Stores.

Experience in creating Hybrid Apps for iOS and Android
Experience in HTML, CSS & Javascript web design
Experience in creating designs and specifications for App development.
Deep knowledge of Data Structures and Design Patterns.
Experience in implementing MVC / MVVM in context of App development.
Experience in working with XML and JSON.
Extensive experience in working with services and RESTful APIs for mobile application development.
Knowledge and experience implementing effective engineering practices to achieve high quality standards.

• Experience working with Bootstrap Angular JS and Cordova.
• Experience with PHP and intermediate website design.
• Experience with large and small scale databases (MySQL/SQLite).
• Experience integrating Analytics and Social Media for Apps.
• Experience working with Jira/git.
• Exposure to server-side technologies

A fast-growing mobile application development company in Prince Edward County, Ontario with lakes, wineries, a great corporate culture, a very motivated team and a promising future. Our Company embraces mobile innovation, machine-learning, and the IoTs while working with energy Utility and Enterprise partners to help us all continuously evolve to manage our energy footprint together. Our advanced understanding of the energy market, Utilities’ and large enterprise customers’ internally / externally managed IT systems provides us an advantage over other suppliers in the market worldwide.
Our utility-branded app revolutionizes Utility customer engagement. The mobile infrastructure reduces the utilities’ operational costs while providing a platform for secure 2-way communications to engage customers with data that together produce information to make informed decisions.
Our branded Enterprise mobile app allows any organization (especially cities, municipalities and large companies) to manage their properties’ energy usage by efficiently tracking electricity, natural gas and water information to save energy and money.
Good Remuneration, ongoing rewards and recognition for your good work.