Registered Practical Nurse

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Date Posted: 

September 18th, 2023


Belleville, ON 


$23.92-26.92 per hour; in lieu of benefits and pension, salary will be boosted by 10% 

Job Details

In our organization we believe that compassion, collaboration, and accountability lead to excellence. We believe Hospice Quinte is an organization where staff and volunteers can learn and grow.

This belief can be seen in the daily work and activities of Hospice Quinte staff and volunteers. Compassion is shown to our clients and to each other. Collaboration takes place across the organization from staff huddles, regular meetings, and various communication channels.

Evidence that our team would agree with this is in the words they choose to describe working at Hospice Quinte – compassionate, caring, welcoming, collaborative, and supportive.

Compensation here is fair.

Leadership here understands the issues employees face; provides timely, useful, and constructive feedback; and communicates change and expectations clearly.

The work here is both challenging and rewarding and all done in a spirit of learning and teamwork.

How to apply:

Email resume and cover letter to