Hazardous and Electronic Waste Technician (Part-Time Contract)

Hazardous and Electronic Waste Technician
Job Description

Job Title: Hazardous and Electronic Waste Technician (Part-Time Contract position)
Reporting To: Hazardous and Electronic Waste Program Coordinator (or delegate)
Salary: $20/hr.
Location: Belleville, Ontario
Contract Duration: Date of Hire to December 23rd, 2023 (4 Month)

Area of Authority: The Hazardous and Electronic Waste Technician will assist the Hazardous and Electronic Waste (HEW) Program Coordinator (or delegate) with the implementation of the HEW Programs for the Centre & South Hastings Waste Services Board (Quinte Waste Solutions).

Skills and Abilities:

• Capable of lifting bulky items up to 40kg
• Ability to work flexible work schedule on an as-required basis
• Time Management skills
• Ability to operate non-motorized equipment safely and productively
• Client service and public interaction skills
• G Class Drivers License (or working toward)
• Environmental background an asset
• Willing and able to operate G license vehicles ranging from pick-up to box truck

Under the direction of and reporting to the HEW Program Coordinator (or delegate), the HEW Technician is required to perform the following duties:

A) Assist with the execution of the Hazardous and Electronic Waste Collection Program including:

• Set up and break down at all main depot and mobile collection events
• Unloading/loading of materials at HHW and Electronics collection events as required
• Sorting, identification, and packing of delivered materials
• Disposal and Recycling Contractor pick-up as required
• Preparation of Company trucks and equipment for mobile collection events
• Receive and maintain up-to-date training in technical and health and safety issues as directed (e.g. TDG Certification, First Aid/CPR, OHS)
• Provide public relations/assistance
• Registration of HEW collection event participants as required

B) Assist with the execution of the IC&I Hazardous Waste Program including:

• Policy development, handling procedures, and other aspects as needed
• Evaluation of customer loads to determine the need for a Contract based on waste point of origin, waste disposal cost, and manpower required for disposal
• Inform customers of QWS policies and provide contact information to initiate a contract
• Prepare and provide detailed information about potential future Contracts
• Prepare an inventory of collected Contract materials

C) Assist with the delivery of the Hazardous and Electronic Waste Mobile Events Program including:

• Responsible for the circle check of the HEW Trucks before and after use and ensuring delivery of these records to the QWS office regularly
• Responsible for the cleanliness and order of the inside of the HEW trucks (cab and box)
• Responsible for ensuring all required paperwork/equipment (licenses, manifests, drums, PPE, etc.) is in/on the HEW trucks
• Acquire employer-sponsored Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification and other training as required
• Responsible to ensure all required signage (placards, ECA numbers, etc.) are on the HEW trucks
• Responsible for the transportation of materials collected during Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events to the main Depot in Belleville
• Assist with the loading/unloading of the Household Hazardous Waste Trucks as required
• Assist with handling (unloading, packing, etc.) of Household Hazardous Waste at all collection events
• Assist with the registration of HEW program participants as required
• Assist with any other HEW event tasks as required
• Assist with traffic control at Depot and Mobile Events
• Respond to resident questions in a friendly, informative manner

B) Utilizing Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certification Training:

• Understanding and completion of the Ministry of the Environment Movement Document (Manifest) system
• Completion of the Ministry of the Environment Movement Document (Manifest) for QWS HHW Events
• Complete and ensure distribution of copies of Movement Documents (manifests) as necessary (i.e., Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC)), Depot Office, Program Coordinator (or delegate)

C) HEW Depot Material Management Including:

Temporary on-site storage, storage bin replacement/switch out, and pick-up for the following materials:
• Garbage
• Propane Tanks
• Lead-Acid Batteries
• Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs
• Empty Automotive Fluid containers
• Scrap Metal
• Waste Vegetable (Cooking) Oil
• Electronics

D) Site Maintenance:

• Assist with the general upkeep, organization, and maintenance of the main depot property
as required or as directed by the Program Coordinator (or delegate)
• Complete and file a daily Safety Inspection of the Depot (on operating days) and submit a monthly Summary Report to the HHW Program Coordinator
• Regular inspection of First Aid Kits and Health and Safety Supplies

E) Other Duties as assigned by senior staff