Quality Assurance Technician

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Date Posted: 

November 16, 2022


Belleville, ON




To be determined

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Accurately conducts required food safety and quality critical control point checks on the production process as outlined in the HACCP and Quality Program requirements

Completes analysis on these tests and reports results and recommendations as needed

Work directly with production staff (management, supervisors and production operators) on testing protocols and requirements to meet and exceed CFIA quality and safety requirements

Ensure QA Manager and production management is aware of any deviations from product specification or reporting requirements

Perform pre-operational inspection on all operating equipment before each shift

Regularly and randomly monitor production staff’s adherence to meeting production specifications

Assist in evaluation of new equipment and process instructions to effectively meet and exceed product specifications

Evaluate raw and finished material for compliance to product specifications.

As needed, recommend product to be placed on hold, provide recommendations on required disposition alternatives, and inform appropriate management personnel as required

Participate in employee training on QA requirements and ensure thorough understanding by staff of CFIA and HACCP and food safety regulations and practices

Complete other related QA duties and testing as needed


Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline such as animal/food science, biology, microbiology, chemistry/biochemistry, supplemented by 3 – 5 years of QA or related experience within the meat/seafood/food processing sector

Thorough knowledge of CFIA requirements and JBS’s HACCP and Food Quality programs

Ability to work in team setting or independently with minimum supervision

Good analytical and logical problem-solving skills with the ability to communicate technical details on food safety requirements to production staff, supervisors and management

How to apply:

Apply on company website or email resume directly to lmounsteven@loyalistcollege.com