Grinding Associates

Company Details

Date Posted: 

March 15, 2023


Belleville, ON


Full-time, straight day shifts starting at 5:30a.m.



Job Duties & Responsibilities:

Assemble/disassemble, wash and sanitize machine parts

Retrieve supplies necessary for production; mix spices

Complete various checklist to ensure product quality

Weigh and record product information and weight

Verify Lot numbers, SKU and weight information

Inspect product to ensure product meets standard


Production related experience is an asset

A commitment to SAFETY and QUALITY practice

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment to meet production deadlines

Strong attention to detail and demonstrated hand-eye coordination

Comfortable working in a pork processing facility, handling raw meat

Comfortable in either a cold or warm environment  

Ability to lift between and up to 60 pounds

Ability to perform physical and repetitive job duties  

Ability to stand for extended hours

Must be able to communicate and understand English.

Basic English communication skills (verbal and written)

Ability to perform physical and repetitive job duties 

How to apply:

Apply with resume to