Property Supervisor (Harcourt)

Company Details

We are seeking an individual who is capable of working on their own, in a rural location in Harcourt.

Duties include:
Preparation of boats for pickup or delivery
Delivery of boats on company supplied trailers
Routine property maintenance
Experience and background
A knowledge of boats/boat storage/mechanics
Ability to work independently
Ability to hire and supervise day workers
Property Management
Security of physical premises
Operation of machinery such as a tractor

You would be expected to take charge of an 80 acre property with multiple buildings, one of which is storing boats/rv’s/cars etc. over the Winter. In approximately mid May, you would be cleaning and checking out the stored items prior to owner’s coming to pick them up. In some cases you would be required to load and deliver boats on a company owned trailer.
Once all the assets are removed, you would be expected to provide routine maintenance on the property and keep in contact with the property owner. The property will be listed for sale and thus you would need to become familiar with the property to show it to potential buyers. In addition, we will be selling a group of nearly new assets so you would be required to show these to prospective buyers.
While we expect to sell the property during the upcoming Summer, it may take substantially longer. Upon sale of the property your services will no longer be required, however there will be a generous bonus paid at closing of a sale.

Starting at Beginning of April, 2020

Starting Salary:  $22 per hour

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