Adventure Assistant

Company Details

Deep Roots Adventure’s goal is to provide all the skills and tools needed for individuals, families, groups, and youth to become capable and confident in the wild.

We are hiring for our ‘Kingscote Outpost’ which is the only Outfitting service at the Algonquin South Gate. We provide canoe, kayak, paddleboard and camping equipment rentals, retail, guided trips and wilderness school. We strive to have a workplace that runs smoothly, has great systems, is fun, stimulating and provides plenty of opportunity for learning and growth.

Anticipated Start Date:

One position will be full time from May until just after Thanksgiving.

One position will be part time through May and June until school is out (weekends), full time through the summer and there will be part time available through the fall.

Salary and other compensation

The hourly rate is $16.50-$18.00, plus tips. Rates are based on experience, qualifications and whether an applicant is a student or an adult. Adventure Assistants can be promoted to Trip Guides, please let us know if that is something you would be interested in and/or are already qualified for.

Position Details

In this position you will be an Adventure Assistant for the day-to-day general outpost duties such as assisting clients with rentals, or customer service in the retail room, keeping the Kingscote Outpost running smoothly, ensuring the spaces (including bathroom, and changerooms) are neat and clean, maintaining the merchandise, inventory, loss prevention and ensuring the rental gear is in top shape and generally representing the company day to day. Assisting with loading watercraft, deliveries and unloading watercraft. You will also have the opportunity to be the Adventure Assistant on day trips, and multi day multi-sport packages and workshops. The other team members will be asked to collaborate with you to ensure everything is covered.

Team training will be provided to get everyone familiar with the flow and systems in place. Having standard or wilderness first aid training, paddling or other adventure certifications, safe food handling, DEI training, knowledge of Square, Trello, G Suite Apps etc is an asset, bute are happy to hire because you have integrity, initiative work ethic, a great attitude, great customer service, love the outdoors, and to train you for the skills you need.

We hire for integrity, initiative, work ethic, a great attitude, great customer service, and a love of the outdoors. Who you are as a person is most important to us, we are able to train you for the skills you need.

Deep Roots Adventure is committed to human rights, reconcilliACTION, ethics, integrity, embracing and celebrating a diverse team and our diverse clientele. We believe that representation and accountability matter and do everything we can to always be learning and doing better every day so that the outdoor community is a welcoming and inspiring place for everyone.

Discrimination, harassment or violence will not be tolerated in any form from team members, clients or the public.

Work schedule

This is a full-time position with 40 hours per week expected. Hours of work would be from either 9:30 am to 6:00 pm or 10 am to 6:30 pm. There is a half hour unpaid lunch break and two 15-minute paid breaks throughout the day when working from the Outpost. When out on guiding days and enjoying lunch with clients lunch will not be deducted. I will do my best to ensure that team members have two consecutive days off together and that we can honour requests for specific days off.


Benefits and perks of working with Deep Roots Adventure include being supplied with high quality attire to wear while working, along with team discounts and pro-deals for purchases from our suppliers that you can take advantage of any time. Free use of rental gear when it has not been previously booked.

We will also provide any training that will be helpful to your position at no cost to you.


Vacation pay is currently being paid out at 4% during each payroll.

Company policies

You will be required to abide by existing company policies that pertain to your employment and such other policies that are introduced during your employment. These policies are set out in the employee section of Trello and are updated regularly.

Job Types: Full-time, Seasonal

Contract length: 6 months
Salary: $16.50-$18.00 per hour