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To advance the mission and strategic plan of Albert College by continuously striving to maintain an attractive, sanitary, safe and well maintained facility for all of the Albert family including students, staff, alumni and parents.


The custodian works in all buildings to ensure a clean and well-maintained building and safe working environment for students and staff. This position is comprehensive and requires an organized, energetic and diligent approach.

Janitorial (General)

Under supervision, the custodian will mop, wax, sweep, vacuum, and dust; wash walls, washroom fixtures and windows; empty trash and recycling in and around school facilities; move furniture including desks, file cabinets, and chairs if necessary to facilitate cleaning; check and replace bathroom consumables; restock copy machine supplies; advise Facilities and Operations Manager regarding supplies; and perform other related duties as assigned.

Health & Safety:

Maintain and uphold all of the College’s Health and Safety Policies including but not limited to following safe work procedures, knowing and complying with all the laws and regulations, reporting any injury or illness immediately, reporting unsafe acts and conditions along with the overriding principle of taking reasonable precautions in the circumstances to protect themselves.


1. Clean washrooms, hallways, gymnasium, change rooms, pool area, cloakrooms, classrooms, offices, health centre, staff rooms and other areas of the school as assigned or as the need is identified by the Facilities and Operations Manager.

2. Disinfect surface areas regularly (e.g., drinking fountains, sinks, faucets, door knobs, crash bars, telephone handsets, etc.)

3. Ensure all interior and exterior entrances are cleaned on a regular basis and monitored carefully while the school is in session.

4. Ensure entrance grates and mats are cleaned and maintained regularly. Ensure that exterior entrances are swept and free of debris.

5. Dust mop, washing and waxing floors.

6. Dust and vacuum all areas regularly.

7. Erase and clean chalkboards/whiteboards and chalk rails regularly.

8. Empty garbage in all interior rooms, as well as exterior trash cans and pick up garbage in and around the perimeter of property.

9. Empty and process recycling as required including taking to curb prior to scheduled collection days.

10. Clean interior and exterior windows.

11. Clear snow from all entrances and stairs as required. Liaise with senior school maintenance department for support as required. Monitor paths, entrances and stairs for ice during the school day and apply de-icer to ensure safety of students, staff, visitors and parents.

12. Water plants as required.

13. Wash cleaning rags and various coverings (e.g. cushions) regularly.

14. Wash and treat dust mops.

15. Organize and maintain cleaning closets and electrical room in a tidy and presentable state that permits easy access to materials and service panels.

16. Clean walls and floors of scuff marks.

17. Assist with cleaning lunchroom and liaise with kitchen staff to ensure cleanliness in the Great Hall and Ackermann Hall.

18. Unlock the school and lock facilities at the end of day or shift. Ensure all windows are closed.

19. Deliver goods to specific areas of the school when items are delivered to the front office.

20. Move various items around school to support program and teaching staff.

21. Be available for custodial coverage for all special events.

22. Prepare for special functions (e.g. Board meetings, tournaments, evening events, etc.) by cleaning the respective areas, setting-up seating, doors mats, coat racks, etc., and ensuring that washroom facilities are clean and presentable.

23. Any other duties as requested.


1. Carry out any scheduled preventative light maintenance and report any other maintenance needs to the Facilities and Operations Manager. Monitor replacement needs of various filters and consumable maintenance materials in consultation with the Facilities and Operations Manager.

2. Attend to any light maintenance or repair tasks as appropriate (e.g. painting, light bulbs, loose screws, etc.)

3. Arrange for any other maintenance work orders as necessary in consultation with the Facilities and Operations Manager.

4. Become acquainted with the operation of heating and air conditioning units, as well as the in-ground sprinkler system, and regulate as required. Report any problems to the Facilities and Operations Manager.

5. Facilitate regular inspection of fire extinguishers with appointed maintenance personnel and assist staff in maintaining safe paths of egress for fire safety.


1. Clear any snow from all entrances, exits, walkways and asphalt play surfaces. Consult with the Facilities and Operations Manager and liaise with maintenance department for support, if required. Monitor paths, entrances and stairs for ice during the school day and apply de-icer/sand to ensure safety of students, staff, visitors and parents.

2. Liaise with the Facilities and Operations Manager regarding any snow removal concerns involving parking lot or walkways.

3. Empty exterior garbage cans and pick up litter from in and around the school.

4. Inspect grounds regularly to ensure parking lot, playground and all entranceways are clean and free of litter and in good repair. Monitor the condition of exterior lighting and replace bulbs as necessary. Report any damage or problems to the Facilities and Operations Manager.

5. Clean exterior windows as required. In the case of windows, which are above step height, arrange for window cleaners.


As custodian in a school setting, may become aware of information related to students or families during the course of the school year. The College expects its staff to conduct itself with appropriate discretion and refrain from discussing matters which are the domain of faculty and administration. This applies to communication during the working day and beyond.
The College also expects that the custodian will use the school’s communications systems (i.e. telephone, e-mail, facsimile, etc.) and will adhere to the highest forms of professionalism and integrity. Please consult the Administrative Policy Manual for any clarification.


Work is primarily performed indoors, although outside work is also required with exposure to varying weather conditions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee must regularly stand and see; orally communicate; hear, reach with arms and hands to handle or feel objects, tools and controls; stoop, kneel, crouch and control machinery using light hand grasp and fine manipulation; walk, climb, crawl into confined spaces, use forceful hand grasp, rotate neck left and right, bend neck forward and backward and lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities include near and far vision to read labels, dials and operate some machinery (e.g. snow blower, thermostats, fire panel, sprinkler controls, etc.). Work environment includes exposure to electrical hazards, toxic or caustic chemicals, dust, fumes and wet and slippery conditions. The noise level is modest. Necessary aptitudes include
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understanding written and oral instructions, finger and manual dexterity, and eye/hand/foot coordination. Stress can be caused by the condition of washrooms and by coming across unpleasant situations.


The custodian will also be expected to take part in W.H.M.I.S. training and ensure that the Junior School complies with appropriate legislation in the handling of all janitorial and maintenance materials. Successful completion of Level I Certification (Occupational Health and Safety Act) is also required.
Minimum Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent. Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities may qualify. Prior janitorial experience preferred.
Working Hours: Combination of shifts to be scheduled by the Facilities and Operations Manager (timing of breaks and lunch to be determined by supervisor in consideration of program needs). Most will be eight (8) hours in duration but could begin as early as 6 a.m. but as late as 4 p.m. Rotating four (4) hour coverages are required on Saturdays during the school year and events.
Knowledge of standard cleaning procedures, chemicals, products and equipment.
Identifying, Planning and Executing – determines the relative importance of needs, prioritizes and sequences work, and effectively changes direction when appropriate.
Teamwork and Partnership – Keeps team members or partners informed and up-to-date about group processes, individual actions, and influencing events. Works together with constituents to problem solve and provide straight-forward knowledge and advice.
Judgment and Decision making – reviews alternatives before making decisions, looks for the most efficient and productive course of action.
Agility – Understands and responds to organizational needs by looking for opportunities to improve and modify approach appropriately. Makes decisions to act in the best interest of the organization.


A valid Ontario driver’s license is required. A vulnerable sector police check, at your expense, is required and must be successfully completed before employment can be offered or started.
The previous statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by the incumbent(s) of this job. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and activities required of the position.